All over the UK, 6500 people waiting for suitable organ transplants are stuck in a terrible limbo as the pressing need for more people to sign up to the national organ donor register becomes ever more urgent.

Every day, people are dying needlessly because a suitable transplant donor can’t be found in time.

Veronica Lanzetta, an ambassador for Live Life Give Life charity, said: “If more people signed up to the national organ donor register – and signed up quickly – the crisis in organ donations could be resolved.

“To put it simply, one organ donor can save or improve over 50 lives and when you consider that it only takes two minutes to sign up, surely there’s no reason not to.”

With this in mind, and to support the continuous work by the NHS, a collaboration between Global healthcare communications Group Havas Lynx; and award winning production company RSA aims to help boost organ donor numbers.

Together they’ve created a humorous, but heartfelt short film*, which sees the concept of ‘speed dating’ given a new and thought-provoking twist to help the audience empathise with what it really means to urgently seek a match.

Nine real life stories providing a real-life context of what organ donation means, accompany the film at

Furthermore, as part of the campaign, everyone who helps spread the word using the accompanying hashtag #SpeedDonating is considered a #SuperDonor by the project’s originators and are encouraged not only to sign the register, but also promote the campaign and show their support for it via their own social media channels.

“There are thousands of people wishing that a life-saving match could be found,” concludes Tom Richards CCO of Havas Lynx “And it is hoped this initiative will make a significant contribution to solving this pressing problem and help boost sign-ups to the donor register.”

Time is running out for all of us, whether we are signing the register as a donor or as a potential transplant recipient.  Anybody can sign up and every one of them could just as easily be a beneficiary as a donor.”


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