We are delighted to share with you that Golden Tote was launched in Northern Ireland this week!

In addition to being a very exciting time for Numark, it’s also a very exciting time for Gerry and Nathan Rooney. Golden Tote will make a huge change to the men’s daily workflow. Put simply, they have embraced the world of automation to help them put patients at the heart of their pharmacy business.

Golden Tote provides Numark members of all sizes with a semi-automated repeat dispensing solution that will deliver welcome efficiencies into daily pharmacy practice. Golden Tote helps you free up time at the dispensary bench to allow you to engage more with patients, generate more income streams and increase profitability.

The beauty of Golden Tote is in the way items are ordered and picked.

Repeat prescription items are ordered from PHOENIX in batches of prescriptions; this simply means that the software which sits on ProScript identifies Golden Tote items and picks to a tote at the warehouse.

This tote is labelled with a bar code that is unique to multiple patients’ prescriptions. Once the tote arrives, it is scanned and this opens up the GT functionality and all patients and prescription items are identified. Labels are printed per patient and adhered to a series of baskets, one basket per patient. The items are then scanned from tote to basket until the prescriptions are complete; they are then bagged directly from the basket and dispensed. It’s so simple.

The clinical and accuracy checks are all done upfront, which releases the pharmacist from any other part of the process, meaning prescription assembly can quickly and confidently be handed over to a team member. No more stock rotation, date checking or reconciliation. No more scripts piling up in the dispensary at the end of the day for that final check.

Golden Tote is also significantly safer than the traditional dispensing model. The use of bar code scanning technology means the assembly process is less open to human error, giving you peace of mind.

Stock holding is reduced on average by 45 per cent and around 40 hours per week can be saved: time which can then be repurposed to identify ways of achieving growth, whether that is through delivering services or conducting a full review of operational capabilities of your business.

This is one of the most exciting opportunities for pharmacists to embed a new operating system. Golden Tote is a solution that is fit for the future and allows Numark members to utilise a key benefit of large-scale automation, introducing and realising the benefits into their day to day business.

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