The latest vaccination figures show a total of 438,708 vaccines administered, comprising 409,507 first doses and 29,201 second doses. This includes 205,555 vaccines administered by GPs and 233,153 by Trusts 

The progress to date includes first doses received by: 

* 94% of over 80-year-olds– 67,824 people. A significant number of the remaining six per cent will be people who are confined to their homes or in hospital. Their vaccinations are proceeding, with GPs and district nurses both involved in this work. 

* 88% of 75-79 age group – 54,730 people. 

* 75% of 70-74 age group – 60,827 people. 

* 62% of 65-69 age group – 55,688 people 

* 23% of clinically exceptionally vulnerable (CEV) – 21,821 people.  

Telephone and appointment booking for CEV people has been introduced in recent days.  

Many CEV people will be in the 65 plus age group, so are being covered in that section of the vaccination programme. 

‘I want to thank everyone involved in our vaccination programme at all levels,’ Health Minister Robin Swann commented. ‘Yet again, our health service is stepping up to the mark for us all. Thanks to this work, hundreds of thousands of people now have better protection against Covid-19. 

‘We must maintain the good progress we have made – and that means people continuing to come forward when it’s their turn. 

‘Like many others, I’m patiently waiting my turn and when it comes, I won’t have to be asked twice.’ 

A more detailed data feed for the vaccination programme is being finalised. 

Source: Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

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