Cambrian Alliance and FMD Connect have reached a deal to ensure that members can be fully compliant in line with the Falsified Medicine Directive legislation due to come into force in February 2019. The UKs largest independent buying group for pharmacy have partnered with FMD Connect after an increasing number of queries from members asking for advice and support in relation to FMD compliance.

Gareth Dunsmore, MD of FMD Connect said “FMD Connect is a custom built solution created specifically to enable its users to be fully compliant in line with the Falsified Medicine Directive legislation. February 2019 is fast approaching and for this reason we have been developing, testing and perfecting our software since 2017 in line with the requirements of Arvato and SecurMed. FMD Connect ensures a fast, simple and cost effective pathway to compliance”.

Cambrian Alliance members can access a special deal that includes a software license fee of £25 per month, the arrangement also includes supply of hardware where required.

Nathan Wiltshire, Group Director of Sales & Marketing for Cambrian said “with so much uncertainty regarding Brexit and the impact upon FMD in particular, it was important for us to find a solution that offered both compliance and flexibility for our members should the EU negotiations result in a ‘hard Brexit’. The FMD IT contract will include provision for early termination and exit should FMD legislation not commence as expected in February next year. This flexible approach demonstrated by FMD Connect gives our members the best of both worlds.”

A Department of Health and Social Care (DH) senior policy was quoted last week as saying “if we don’t reach agreement on a long-term future” with the EU then “we’d have to revoke FMD, because you can’t have something that’s legally impossible to provide”.

Cambrian Alliance members can find out more by calling 0800 302 9424 or here.

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