A telephone booking line for vaccination appointments has now been introduced for those unable to use the online system. 

In line with the Department of Health’s twin track approach to accelerate vaccinations, both the online system and telephone booking line can be used by those in the 65-69 age group to make an appointment at one of the seven regional vaccination centres.   

While demand for vaccination slots is high, people are reminded that there will be enough appointments for everyone in the group so please remain patient. In the last five days the online booking system has been used to make 100,000 appointments.    

People are asked to reserve capacity on the telephone booking line (0300 200 7813) for those who cannot avail of the online booking facility.  Where possible we would encourage booking appointments online.  It is also anticipated that demand for telephone bookings will initially be very high. Therefore if you cannot get through initially, please be patient and try again later. Call volumes tend to be lower later in the day. If you can’t get through immediately then try again. The service is available from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.  

To fall within the 65-69 age bracket you must have been born between 1 April 1951 and 31 March 1956. Age and identity checks will be conducted at the vaccination centres. People outside the relevant age group should not misuse the online or telephone booking facility. Misuse will only make it more difficult for those to get through who are being prioritised because of their clinical vulnerability.  

GPs will be working in parallel to the regional vaccination centres and will focus on the 70 plus age group. This Group cannot use this booking facility.  GPs will make contact with their patients in this age group, therefore people do not need to phone their GP practice.  

This twin track approach announced by the Department of Health last week will help accelerate NI’s vaccination programme – ensuring more people can take up the offer of vaccination and help protect themselves against Covid-19.  

Photo by Steven Cornfield on Unsplash

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