We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started implementing a new Pharmacist scheduling tool across our estate. Using the Quinyx workforce management system this app-based solution will give our Pharmacist colleagues and locums registered with us a simpler way to manage their shifts and cover.

Nigel Swift, Operations Director, says of this innovation, “Making sure that we have the right Pharmacist cover in all our pharmacies can be a huge logistical effort when you factor in the impact of short notice sickness and holidays. That’s why we’ve invested in a reliable, effective and flexible scheduling tool to help us. Quinyx gives us seamless integration with other systems, such as automatically checking the GPhC register. It also means that in the future we’ll be better able to support our patients and customers by matching Pharmacist skills and accreditations to local pharmacy needs to offer the best community pharmacy experience.”

Quinyx allows Pharmacists to share their availability for shifts and for us to send out notices of available shifts where we need cover. This gives better visibility for Pharmacists and locums and, as all information is contained within the app, the days of emailing out requests and having to manually match up availability with where cover is needed are gone. And with the changing landscape of services being offered in different pharmacies, having an efficient tool that can match Pharmacists’ skills with the needs in any one location will make for better patient care and continuation of service in the community.

Erik Fjellborg, Quinyx CEO and Founder, said of this partnership, “By using a cloud-based workforce management system, Well is embracing software that delivers benefits to both its pharmacists and their customers. This partnership marks an exciting step forward for Quinyx within the UK Pharmacy sector, a sector we can see is more important than ever for the good of society. For Quinyx, it also means an essential addition to our mission on making people’s work lives more enjoyable – and it is great to see Well share our passion for simple and flexible working.”

In investing in this technology, we’ve involved Pharmacists and received feedback from locums to understand their frustrations in the current manual process. This solution, including a second app to manage the payment of fees and expenses for locums, addresses these frustrations to make the whole experience better for all involved. The end result is that we have better cover to meet patient and customer needs in the community. 

Implementation begins in our Northern Ireland pharmacies through July before rolling out across the entire estate by the end of October.

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