Nearly every family in Northern Ireland is affected in some way by alcohol abuse, so the annual Alcohol Awareness Week is designed to get people thinking about alcohol and how it affects families as a whole.

During last year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, SOS NI partnered with the UCA to run a fundraising and information campaign in over 250 pharmacies across Northern Ireland.
The campaign aimed to promote and improve health around alcohol consumption, as well as highlight the services that SOS Bus provides and raise funds for the charity.

The campaign proved to be a major success, with more than £9000 raised during that week to assist SOS NI in making a real difference to children, young people and adults. There are over 250 dedicated SOS NI Volunteers who work on the streets during the busy night-time economy, in NI schools educating and empowering young people around the safe use of alcohol and in our communities through the Food and Transport Programmes.

As part of the UCA/SOS NI campaign, customers were also encouraged to take information leaflets about SOS NI with them and keep the SOS Bus emergency number in their phones and encourage their friends and children to do the same.

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