With over 30 machines from the market leading Japanese manufacturer installed in Ireland, the 1st batch of installations in Northern Ireland are scheduled for June & July.

Tosho have been operating globally for over 20 years and are widely known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of the tablet packing machines. They use only the highest quality parts in the manufacturing process to ensure durability, robustness and stability during the MDS production process and their machines can cope easily with high levels of production, in comparison to the inferior, lower quality alternatives. Compliant with strict EU directives, Tosho products deliver precision.


A weekly supply of medication can be packed in under 30 seconds with one month’s supply packed in under 90 seconds!


Fed up with slow, costly manual MDS production?

The manual method of filling MDS trays is both time consuming and labour intensive. JW Pharmacy Solutions offer a total automated solution, which includes: automated de-blistering, automated tablet packing, automated checking and compliance, with seamless integration with McLernon’s MPS.


How it works

The Tosho Xana machine holds a range of drugs that are stored in cassettes, which have been specifically calibrated for each drug. The dispensary software transmits the prescription details to the Xana and packing of the tablets commences.


The tablets are dispensed into single or multi-dose pouches in chronological order, with the relevant patient details, drug details, drug descriptions and directions printed clearly on each pouch. Pouches can be checked more efficiently and accurately, compared to trays.


The Tosho machines are available in a wide range of sizes, so that all volumes of MDS production can benefit from automation.

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