Teva UK Limited has welcomed the election of Dr Andrew Ellis, Director of Secondary Care at Teva UK, to the position of Chair of the British Biosimilars Association (BBA).

The British Biosimilars Association is an expert sector group of the British Generics Manufacturers Association (BGMA), and works together with patient groups, healthcare professionals, regulators and policy makers to increase understanding of biosimilars and to drive a sustainable environment for the development, production and continuing use of biosimilars medicines across the UK.

Biopharmaceuticals are complex medicines made from living cells or organisms. They advance more treatment options for patients, some of whom suffer from untreated or undertreated conditions. They have the potential to deliver precise and personalised treatment. Biosimilars offer value-based treatment that is potentially less expensive than the originator biologic but similarly effective.

“We are already seeing the real potential of biosimilars to transform the lives of patients with long term and complex conditions,” said Andrew. “I am looking forward to leading the British Biosimilars Association as we continue our work to ensure access to quality and effective biosimilar medicines for UK patients.”

“A focus on biosimilars is a natural progression for Teva following our role in the development of the generic medicine industry worldwide over the past 40 years,” said Kim Innes, General Manager of Teva UK & Ireland. “Andrew comes with a wealth of experience in the field of biosimilars and is passionate about expanding access for UK patients to these important medications. I am confident that his leadership and knowledge will be of great benefit to the whole industry.”

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