Perrigo, a leading provider of medicines and healthcare products, is supporting NiQuitin to debut their next testimonial story as part of a £1.3m New Year, New You campaign. 

The campaign is led by a TV advert which features a real ex-smoker who quit with NiQuitin. Christina, who has been smoking since she was young and wanted to quit to feel healthier and do more in her life. She successfully quit using a combination of NiQuitin Patches and NiQuitin Mini Lozenges. The TV advert will be live from 1st January to the end of February, and will be supported with out of home and digital activity throughout the campaign.

NiQuitin understands how important an effective support plan is when it comes to successfully quitting smoking, with 82% of smokers expecting quitting to be really tough and 55% saying they will require a lot of support. As part of their commitment to helping smokers quit, NiQuitin will be extending their support with the launch of the NiQuitin Chat Bot. This will provide a 10-week support plan with information on NRT products, health benefits to quitting, money saving updates, motivating messages and top tips to continue the quitting journey.

“The new year is the biggest entry point for people to start quitting and NiQuitin wants to be the brand that is there to support them through the difficult journey. We will be heroing Christina’s story and how she successfully quit with the help of NiQuitin, said Holly Turner, Senior Director of Marketing at Perrigo.

“Pharmacies play a very important role for smokers that are planning on quitting, in providing advice and support. NiQuitin appreciates this role and will be providing materials to help pharmacists engage in a quality conversation with smokers.”

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