As part of its continued support for community pharmacy, Numark has announced that it is freezing its membership fee for the next twelve months.

This follows the recent announcement from Numark that it would not impose a fuel surcharge to their members via their parent wholesale company Phoenix.

Numark members will continue to pay a total of £131 per month for the extensive range of product discounts and essential services on offer, all of which are in line with the mission to develop the standards of care delivered by independent community pharmacies.

The announcement comes after the Department of Health’s decision to cut pharmacy funding in England by twelve per cent over the next two years. It’s estimated that the imposed cuts will see each pharmacy in England lose around £28,000 during this period, which will force up to 3,000 pharmacies to close.

Discussing the rationale behind the price freeze, John D’Arcy, Managing Director of Numark said: “The imposed cuts in England have come at an economically challenging time with no consultation, so it’s crucial that our members make the most of the revenue they do have to ensure they not only survive, but thrive. We also recognise that it continues to be a challenging time for members in the other UK home countries, so the membership fee freeze is designed to continue to support them too.

“Ensuring our valued members have access to the resource and support they need to continue to maintain and grow at an affordable cost is absolutely essential for Numark.

This update follows the news that the organisation has paid £23.5 million to its members in rebates in the past year, an average of £748 per month, per member – almost a six fold return on their £131 membership fee.

The current arrangement will continue from June 1st 2017 for the next twelve months. For further information on becoming a Numark member, visit:


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