The Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland Dr Michael McBride and the Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Ireland Dr Ronan Glynn have jointly appealed to the public across the island to continue to follow public health advice to ensure everyone can have a safe Easter.

Speaking following a meeting this afternoon, the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland Dr Michael McBride and Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Ireland Dr Ronan Glynn in a statement said:

“Easter is a time when, traditionally, many of us spend time with our families and loved ones. Unfortunately, this Easter, we still have a very dangerous, very transmissible virus, circulating in our communities that continues to spread and cause serious illness and, sadly, death.

“People in all corners of Ireland have continued to follow the public health advice by quietly taking all the appropriate actions to protect all of us from this disease. Most people are making a huge sacrifice and missing time with loved ones in order for us to stay on course with the public health guidance.

“We must ask that, once again, we work together to prevent a further wave of infection by celebrating this Easter safely. Please continue to stick with the public heath advice and avoid visiting other homes at this time–.  Do not give this virus the opportunities it is seeking to spread.

“We have already seen the clear bonus that vaccinations are bringing with cases and deaths in nursing homes and hospitals and cases amongst healthcare workers falling dramatically across the island. There are much brighter days ahead.

“If we can stick with these measures, we can avoid another wave and all of us, together, will be able to look back as a society, and reflect proudly on how we came together to protect each other and save lives.”

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