AHA (alpha hydroxyl acids) are well known in the beauty industry and salons and used to exfoliate skin to reveal a new, younger looking layer.

But AHA’s can over exfoliate and irritate the skin, leaving it red, inflamed and tender. This in turn may lead to over-processed skin and in some cases irreversible damage.

Spa Technologies UK recognised the need for a less invasive approach for skin regeneration. Using pure extract of hibiscus flower, a complex of multiple acids and powerful antioxidants and a seaweed polysaccharide delivery system, they formulated a multi-functional serum that gently promotes skin exfoliation while nourishing it with protective antioxidants with anti-inflammatory proprieties to strengthen and firm the skin.

The result is a peel without the burn and irritation created by conventional AHA’s.

Flower Peel Serum is Spa Technologies UK ground breaking all in one beauty product containing multi-functional ingredients that boost collagen, improve uneven skin tone and gently promote exfoliation whilst nourishing the skin with protective antioxidants.

It contains anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens the skins support matrix and stimulates cell growth leaving skin smoother and more youthful.

Compared to conventional AHA’s, flower acids from hibiscus are;

  • 50% more hydrating
  • 20% greater cellular renewal than AHA’s and salicylic acid
  • 30% reduction in appearance of wrinkles by inhibiting elastase and hyaluronidase breakdown of connective tissue

Skin Specialist and director of Spa Technologies UK Anne Gray says, “Anti-Inflammatory properties within our Flower Peel Serum means there is an absence of the ‘burn’ some experience with AHA products.  A common misconception is that the lack of a burning sensation means the products doesn’t work. This is simply not true. The pyruvic acid (a second generation acid) dissolves the proteins responsible for cell adhesion and does it more effectively than lactic acid.”

As the hibiscus flower acids are formulated in a laminaria and fucus algae extract base gel, the non-irritating proprieties are enhanced. Anne goes on to say, “Flower Peel Serum has seen a surge in popularity since winning awards in 2016 and there are numerous accolades for its success in prevention of blemishes, symptom relief of rosacea, eczema and psoriasis, and restoring strong, youthful looking skin and a more even complexion in all skin ethnicities and types.”

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