COVID-19 has had a profound effect on communities and the value they place on pharmacy and this season will provide an opportunity like no other to deliver both NHS and private flu vaccinations.

We believe that communities will have a ‘forever changed’ perception of not only their own health, but the heath of others and will have a new found respect for the NHS and pressures associated with treating conditions that could otherwise be prevented.

We believe that for this reason, more people than ever will want to access a flu vaccination service. Here at Numark, we want to help you deliver a robust service and alongside the essential elements such as training and vaccines, we’re here to support with marketing.

Marketing is critical, after all, there’s little point in having a seamless and well planned out service if nobody knows you are offering it.

A marketing campaign you can really get behind

A successful service is reliant on a visually impressive and engaging campaign. That’s why we’ve invested on your behalf in developing, what we believe to be, a hugely powerful campaign that you can really get behind to increase your vaccination opportunities.

Our ‘Patch of Pride’ campaign is a social movement. We want people to be proud to stand against flu. We feel we all have a heightened responsibility to protect not only ourselves, but our loved ones and the NHS from the complications of flu.

The articulation of our campaign materials turns the plaster into a ‘Patch of Pride’. We want people to show off their patches with pride.

We are delighted to be able to provide each and every member with a flu campaign pack – beginning this month and into September you’ll find ‘Patch of Pride’ marketing materials which you can use promote your service in an engaging and compelling way.

As well as displaying materials in your pharmacy, it will be important to extend your reach further than bricks and mortar. Social media is a great medium for advertising your flu service both to existing customers as well as targeting new. As part of our campaign support materials, we’ve developed a number of social posts you can use on your channels to drive awareness.

Download social media templates

Motivating your team to support recruitment

Your team will play an important role in recruiting customers into your flu service . Training is key to ensure staff are informed and engaged. Consider delivering a short training session to help them understand the service, eligibility criteria, how to engage with customers and how to promote the service.

Remember that patients within the ‘at risk’ groups may attend your pharmacy up to five times within the flu season for a prescription – this presents multiple opportunities to vaccinate.

Patient Access

If you haven’t already, now is the time to sign up to Patient Access for Professionals (PAfP). PAfP currently has over 10 million users and is an app that allows people to book GP appointments and search locally for services delivered by community pharmacy.

With PAfP you can make your pharmacy instantly discoverable and allow customers to book and pay for their flu vaccinations at the push of a button.

Find out more – Patient Access

If you have any queries with regards to this season’s programme, please give us a call on 0800 783 5709.

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