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Oral Nutrition Supplements, Adult and Paediatric Tube Nutrition, Childhood Allergy, Metabolic Nutrition and OTC Products. Products for professional evaluation and supporting literature available by calling the freephone.

General Nutrition: Nutricia offers the most extensive range of oral and tube feeding products to suits the needs of patients. With 1/7 over 65’s at risk of malnutrition, oral nutritional supplements (sip feeds) provide energy protein and other essential nutrition in the correct balance to improve nutrition status and intake. Available in a variety of formats and flavours, e.g. Fortisip, Fortisip Compact, Fortisip Compact Protein, etc.

Targeted Nutrition: Patients with specific medical conditions may benefit from specialist nutrition support to help their recovery and healing, e.g. Cubitan for wound management or the Nutilis range for dysphagia.

Tube Nutrition: Nutricia offers the widest range of adult and paediatric tube feeds combined with the safest enteral feeding system on the market with the Flocare Infinity feeding pump and DEHP free feeding sets. Support for patients and healthcare professionals is available through the award winning Nutricia Homeward Service.

Paediatric Nutrition: Nutricia’s range of paediatric products for faltering growth span the complete age range from birth (Infatrini) through childhood (Fortini, Tentrini, Nutrini). The Aptamil Pepti and Neocate ranges are for infants and children with cow’s milk allergy.

Inborn Errors of Metabolism: Nutricia Metabolics offer a wide range of protein substitutes (Anamix, Lophlex, Maxamum and GMPro ranges) and low protein foods (Loprofin range) for the dietary management of inherited metabolic disorders such as PKU, TYR, HCU, MSUD, GA1, MMA/PA, IVA and UCD.

Epilepsy: Nutricia Ketogenics offer a range of products (Ketocal range, Liquigen, MCT Oil) for the dietary management of drug resistant epilepsy.


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