Using social media

The GPhC expects pharmacy professionals to use good judgement and behave professionally when using social media.

Social media is a powerful way for pharmacy professionals to collaborate with their peers, colleagues and the general public.

But it can blur the boundaries between personal and professional use – always think about the expectations and perceptions of patients, colleagues, and employers.

Remember that anything you say online can be easily copied and redistributed, and can be taken out of context. This can affect public confidence and trust in pharmacy professionals.

Be prepared to challenge poor behaviours and raise concerns with appropriate individuals or organisations when needed.


act professionally

treat people with respect

maintain confidentiality and privacy at all times

maintain proper professional boundaries

think before you post, privacy settings do not mean that something will remain private and a statement that these are your own views means little in practice


bully, harass or intimidate

unlawfully discriminate

post inappropriate comments

share information about patients or their care

get drawn into negative, unconstructive discussions

Further guidance and resources

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has produced guidance on the use of social media

The National Pharmacy Association has issued advice on social media for its members.

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