Bio-Oil – the world’s best-selling scar and stretch mark oil – announces pioneering skincare innovation

NEW Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel

Breakthrough formula is clinically proven to reduce dryness

Bio-Oil – recognised globally for its best-selling scar and stretch mark oil – have unveiled their first ever new product innovation – Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel. The revolutionary oil-based formula has been clinically proven to significantly improve dry skin, with 82% of trial participants recording a difference in just two days1.

Dry skin is arguably the biggest unmet need in skincare – with billions of suffers across the globe and more than one in five people in the UK currently suffering from dry skin. It’s often caused by the body not producing enough sebum, a natural oil which protects skin and leaves it looking soft and supple.

Having continually researched the phenomenal benefits of oil on skin, the expert science and research team behind Bio-Oil have made a significant breakthrough to help tackle dry skin – pioneering a way to replace water with oil, making the product 100% active.

The next generation in the treatment of dry skin, Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel has substantially higher levels of oil, meaning that it’s better at forming a protective matrix on the skin to lock in moisture. This is particularly important for the body, where there are less oil glands than on the face.

The Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel formulation comprises of as many naturally occurring humectants as possible, including Urea, Lactic acid & Sodium PCA (a Natural Moisturising Factor, found in the natural formulation of our skin). These play a key role in keeping the skin moisturised, by binding water from the atmosphere and drawing it into the skin cells. With Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel, all of this has been developed in a breakthrough new gel format.

User trial results prove it leaves the skin moisturised all day2

Two thirds of trial participants agreed that Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is better than any product they have ever used before to combat dry skin1 and 96% of trial participants agreed that “a little goes a long way”.2 The hybrid oil and gel formulation means substantially less product is required to cover the same body area as a cream, while separate studies show that Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking) and gentle enough to be used on even sensitive skin.3

Co-owner and head of R&D at Bio-Oil, David Letschert, said: “We set ourselves a huge challenge to disrupt the dry skin category with a breakthrough formulation that was not only as occlusive as possible to prevent moisture leaving the skin, but also packed full of highly effective, actively moisturising ingredients. We are extremely proud of Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel and look forward to supporting the millions of dry skin sufferers across the world with our first ever new product.”

Industry-leading Consultant Pharmacist Deborah Evans said: “Pharmacy is often the first port-of-call for patients suffering from dry skin, so it’s incredibly important that we’re able to offer them a number of alternative solutions to try. Gel formulas tend to feel cool and light to the skin – a wonderful relief when skin is dry, itchy or sore, while oils are intensely moisturising and high in skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Combining the two together can now provide dry skin sufferers with the benefits of both in one product.”

 Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is specially formulated to relieve dry skin, and is available in 50ml (£4.99), 100ml (£8.99) and 200ml (£14.99) and launches in stores on 27th September. Available in Boots, Superdrug and Pharmacies

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