Bannside Pharmacy in Portglenone – and owner, Pharmacy in Focus award winner Eoghan O’Brien – have met the challenges faced by 21st-century pharmacy and given the pharmacy a ‘facelift’!

‘As with most community pharmacists,’ Eoghan told PiF, ‘there has been an overwhelming increase in the dispensary workflow. As a result, most pharmacists who are doing fit-outs, are trying to find dispensing space.


The pharmacy’s new dispensary which will service the increase in workflow

‘This is the first fit-out we’ve done in 19 years and was primarily motivated by our need to accommodate a doubling in our prescribing volume. While that was what essentially kickstarted our move, we also needed more countertop space as the MDS trays take up a lot of space and so we opted for FAMA shelving, which provides us with a flexible, pull-out drawer system, which not only holds more stock, but also helps us to rotate stock more easily since the newer stock is retained at the back.

‘Another part of the fit-out saw the removal of the big bay of shelves in the dispensary, which was acting as a ‘blind spot’, restricting our view of patients coming into the pharmacy.

‘The final part of the fit-out saw the expansion of both the complementary natural remedy section, in which we have experienced a major growth, and in our perfume counter, which has witnessed similar growth. Overall, I would say that our patients will be delighted at the increased stock levels of complementary health products and in the more flexible movement around the pharmacy in general.’

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