Health Minister Robin Swann, has announced the appointment of four Non-Executive Members to the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

Scott Gill has been appointed as a Registrant Member and Gary McMurray, Brendan Garland and Philip Knox as Lay Members. All four appointments commenced on 1 August 2021 and will end on a date not later than 31 July 2025. . 

Non-Executive Members of the Council are remunerated by an attendance fee. Attendance at meetings up to 4 hours duration attracts a fee of £118 and meetings over 4 hours £235. Training and induction days attract a fee of £118.

The Non-Executive Member role carries a time commitment of 6 Council meetings per year and, in addition to other meeting commitments, equates to approximately 6-8 working days per annum.       

The procedure for these appointments is not bound by the Code of Practice issued by the Commissioner for Public Appointments for Northern Ireland, however the appointment process was carried out in the ‘spirit of the Code’.

The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland was established by the Pharmacy and Poisons Act (Northern Ireland) 1925, and has been based at 73 University Street, Belfast since 1933. It is the regulatory and professional leadership body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland. Objectives of the Society include, amongst other matters, to advance chemistry and pharmacy and promote pharmaceutical education and the application of pharmaceutical knowledge, while safeguarding the interests of the members in the Society.

It maintains a register of over 2800 pharmacists, 140 pre-registration trainees and over 550 pharmacy premises across the country.

As the regulatory body it protects patient and public safety by:

  • setting and promoting standards for pharmacists’ admission to the register and for remaining on the register;
  • maintaining a publicity accessible register of pharmacists, and pharmacy premises;
  • handling concerns about the Fitness to Practise of registrants, acting as a complaints portal and taking action to protect the public; and
  • ensuring high standards of education and training for pharmacists in Northern Ireland.

The Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland comprises of 14 Non-Executive Members (7 registered persons and 7 lay members).

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