Alliance Healthcare has started to roll out new reusable tote bins to replace plastic bags and cardboard packaging to its Health and Beauty customers.

Every year, over 2 million units of single-use plastic bags and cardboard boxes will be removed from its operations, considerably lessening Alliance Healthcare’s carbon footprint.

The new reusable tote bins will be available in two sizes to consolidate customer orders and reduce the number of packages in circulation, minimising product damage and supporting Alliance Healthcare’s commitment to reduce its impact on the environment.

Jon Cornforth, Environment, Health and Safety Manager, says: “Reducing plastic waste has globally become an important issue over the last couple of years and we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment. By replacing plastic bags and cardboard packaging with our reusable totes we can reduce waste and move away from our reliance on plastic in our operations.”

The totes are white with black lids and feature the Alliance Healthcare branding as well as a new Health and Beauty icon.

The initiative is part of the ‘We’re doing things differently’ campaign.

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