ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE is a leading pharmaceutical wholesaler. We are the critical link between getting medicines and healthcare products from manufacturers to pharmacists, doctors, nurses and healthcare practioners across the country. Supported by professional team of buyers sourcing and buyers essential products and over 3,500 operational colleagues picking and packing medicines in service centres across the country, twice daily our team of over 1,100 van drivers deliver critical products to pharmacies, doctors and hospitals across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Classed as key workers by the government, our team has been continuing to come into work to ensure they support community pharmacy and the NHS during its time of need and continuing consistent supply of medicines. If medicines stop, hospitals stop and clearly that cannot and will not happen on our watch.

We are truly inspired by the phenomenal efforts of our team and we thought we needed to shout loud and proud and get a virtual round of applause going for them.

Short video
To celebrate and recognise all of this, we put the following short 75sec video together for social media.

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