Valley Pharmacy, Clogher

Dispensary assistant Trea Campbell has been working for the Valley Pharmacy for 37 years, having joined as a 16 year old. In her current role, Trea supports the pharmacy team with placing orders with wholesalers and helps with the day-to-day management of stock in the dispensary to ensure adequate supply for patients. She also manages orders for repeat prescriptions and deals with queries from district nurses and nursing homes, liaising in between with the ;local GP surgeries.


McDowell’s Pharmacy, Belfast

Rosemary has worked for McDowell’s for an amazing 43 years and, during that time, has operated in a variety of roles. Although her current role is as senior dispensary assistant, Rosemary has organised, adapted and streamlined script ordering and collection rom the local surgeries, taken on the role of training junior members of staff in ordering shop stock and worked on making the shops more accessible to patients who have to use wheelchairs, so her roles have been varying but always very worthwhile and beneficial to the pharmacy


Bradley’s Pharmacy, Portstewart

Louise has always gone out of her way for the pharmacy’s patients, often staying to 10pm to ensure that prescriptions and MDS trays – including those for the local nursing home – are filled. On many an occasion, if a patient or customer has been discharged from hospital and Louise knows that they live alone, she has gone and bought groceries for them and left them for them at their door. Louise is the only member of staff, who hasn’t tested positive to date and so has been there throughout the entire pandemic, often filling in for absent members of staff.

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