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Do you know someone worthy of recognition?

There are pharmacy heroes all around us. But often they can be humble, acting on the behalf of others without favour, and so their stories remain untold.

The Pharmacy in Focus Awards is Northern Ireland’s most prestigious, playing a fundamental role as a vehicle to celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contribution and achievements of pharmacy individuals and teams.

They provide you with an opportunity to recognise deserving colleagues and/or peers.

If someone has inspired you through their dedication, innovation or leadership, show them how important their work is by nominating them for a Pharmacy in Focus Award.


Customer Service Award (1-3 Pharmacies)

Outstanding customer service is vital for the continued success of any business. This Award will recognise the pharmacy that can demonstrate commitment to providing the highest level of customer service and in doing so be described as truly customer focused.

This awards is open to all independently owned pharmacies, with 1-3 stores, who want to be recognised for their outstanding customer service.


Customer Service Award (4 + Pharmacies)

This award is open to group pharmacies, with four or more branches throughout Northern Ireland, who wants to be recognised for their exceptional customer service

Maximum of 5 branches from the one pharmacy group can be entered into this awards category.


eHealth & Innovation in Pharmacy

As its name suggests, the eHealth & Innovation in Pharmacy Award’s principal aim is to reward innovation by using technology to promote quality, safety and efficiency in healthcare within community pharmacy.

This Award identifies individuals and teams working within community pharmacy in Northern Ireland whose ideas or inventions have, or could lead to, improvement in the patient experience in all areas of care throughout their community.


Pharmacy Team Member of the Year

The Pharmacy Team Member of the Year Award seeks those outstanding Non-Pharmacist individuals who have made a significant contribution to community pharmacy in Northern Ireland. This Award recognises excellence in knowledge and/or service to pharmacy retail customers and patients.

Nominations for the category can be made through self-nomination, by colleagues or by pharmacy business owners.


Enterprise within Pharmacy Award

For the pharmacist/team that has the most enterprising venture within any area of pharmacy

All pharmacies provide excellent service to the people of Northern Ireland. Many go beyond the call of duty by ensuring patients receive the best care, medication and advice by extending normal, everyday care to something more.


Community Pharmacy Service Initiative

Entrants to this Award will be able to demonstrate how they have grown their offering to their community through innovation and planned development, supported by strategic investment.

This may, for example, have been achieved by the implementation of a new strategy, the launch of a new product or service or through a successful merger or acquisition.


Pharmacy Hero Award

This is an industry / professional award.

This will be NOMINATION ONLY and the winner will be decided by a panel. This aim of this Award category is to recognise an individual working within pharmacy, the industry/bodies that excels in: customer service or knowledge of their product base, or a commitment to their profession in terms of education, training or progress.

The winner of this category must stand out in ethics and integrity.


Young Community Pharmacist of the Year

Pharmacists are the focal point of any community and those in their infancy years of the profession can hint at leadership excellence that inspires and develops the potential of others.

The Young Community Pharmacist of the Year Award recognises rising talent and potential amongst those at the beginning of their careers – those individuals who are already demonstrating that they can make a difference to the pharmacy profession, the companies for whom they work and the communities they serve.


Pharmacy of the Year

This Award strives to recognise pharmacies who have worked collaboratively on a project or in the general workings of the pharmacy and can demonstrate a significant contribution to either patient care, business growth or the local community.

The Pharmacy Team may include, pharmacists, medicines counter assistants, dispensing assistants and technicians, superintendent pharmacists, pharmacy managers and pre-registration trainees.


Pharmacist of the Year

The Pharmacist of the Year Award recognises a community pharmacist who demonstrates leadership and exemplifies the evolution of the pharmacy profession toward an expanded role in health care.

The winner will demonstrate significant contributions to the pharmacy industry overall resulting in meaningful improvements in the quality of patient care and improved delivery models and pharmacy’s role on the health care team.


Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy

Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy showcases and celebrates achievement among the community pharmacy sector in Northern Ireland.

As well as highlighting the ever increasing contribution pharmacists make to the wider healthcare arena, this accolade is aimed at identifying appropriate role models to inspire and motivate others.

This Award is aimed at finding and recognising an individual who has had a sustained career, which has not only had a very significant contribution to the pharmacy sector, but also has been an inspiration to peers.

The recipient will be a figure who has had most impact on the pharmacy profession and is likely to have impacted on the working lives of most pharmacists over the course of the year. The winner will have shown evidence of leadership, determination and clarity of thought.

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